Testimonials & Results

Our Success Stories

“You helped me so much Emily!! If it wasn’t for you I would be lost AF with upgrading my dating coaching business!”

Grand Cam

Dating Coach, Thegrandmale

“Emily is going to do whatever she can to create the best possible product to support entrepreneurs on their journey.”

Meigan Canfield

CEO, smma

“Her ability to listen and execute is her biggest strength, it’s been seamless working with her!”

Lyssa Scott

Business + Life Coach, MaximumPotency

“I’m not knowledgable with tech and Emily has been able to come in and help me from start to finish, she is so good at making the process so easy and so quick.”

Alex Larouche

Holistic Relationship Coach, InterconnectedBeings

“I was sending traffic to a page, but wasn’t getting results, since working with her that very page took off and starting turn leads into high-paying clients!”

Xavi D

Mental + Emotional Wellness Coaching

“Since I jumped on board with Emily, I’m getting new clients every single day, if you’re thinking about working with her, I highly recommend you take the leap.”

Sherry May


“She knows how to get results and she knows how to find the bottlenecks in my funnel to get more conversions.”


Operations Manager. Creators Training

“I love her dedication, work ethic and responsiveness. If you’re thinking about running ads I would absolutely recommend her.”


PERMANENT MAKEUP ARTIST, awakenpermanentcosmetics

“I’ve been working with them for over a year now, if you want someone who is reliable she is the one. The strategies she uses are the ones that have allowed us to scale to over $100k months. ”

Julian Alexander

CEO & Founder. Creators Training

“I didn’t know how to convert clients, and Emily was able to teach me how to do that. I was very impressed. I highly recommend working with her, I was able to 3X the calls I was taking.”

Denise Alexandra