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Scale To $20k/mo In Your Coaching

Business In 4 Steps…

WITHOUT sending cold DMs, having “discovery calls” that waste your time, or praying to the content gods that your posts go viral.

Hey, My Name Is Emily Fisher

When I worked with my first relationship coach a couple years back it changed my life. 


I realized how relationships are the foundation for my well-being and by helping relationship coaches scale I feel like I’m contributing to a greater cause, since they have a ripple effect of positive change in the world.


Over the past two years, I’ve honed a proven scalable system that has helped dozens of businesses streamline the flow of qualified leads. 

along the way, I’ve identified the 3 biggest problems clients face when they feel stuck in their coaching business:

1. A Messy Offer ❌

A potential client books a call with you, and you get excited… but then you bomb the sales call.

This usually happens because of the offer, not just the selling ability.

Maybe you offered group coaching, or a course, or 1-on-1.

But the reality is:

When you focus on everything, you focus on nothing.

Having ONE well defined offer that’s SCALABLE, will set you apart from the rest.

As Alex Hormozi says,

“You need to make an offer so good, people feel stupid saying no.”


2. Lack Of Authority ❌

Maybe you’re the BEST coach in the whole world…

…But your audience doesn’t perceive you that way.

The harsh reality is,

People buy from the perceived expert, not necessarily THE expert.

Branding, whether that be from Instagram, YouTube or LinkedIn, is the perfect way to build your authority.

I know this because it’s worked for me and my students.


3. Bad Traffic ❌

The LAST thing a coach wants to do is train a crappy student.

The problem is, most coaches are attracting leads that:

  • Are financially uncommitted
  • Are fussy, and not open to your unique methods (even though they work!)
  • “Just want to dip their toes in the water”

The most successful coaches have pipelines FILLED with their dream customers.

Here’s The TRUTH:  There’s a Science To Scaling a High-Profit Relationship Coaching Business, But It’s NOT Quantum Physics.

Too many people – especially those looking to hit their first $10k month – take a “spray-and-pray” approach.


They try to do everything: 

  • Content Creation
  • Ads
  • Copywriting
  • Sales
  • And All The Other Fun Biz Operations 

…All at the same time, hoping it all gets better.


And to be brutally honest, that’s about as efficient as using a candle to light up a stadium…


Think about it like this: 


When you’re working with a client who is going through a breakup, and they want to find their next marriage partner, heal from past trauma, become more charismatic, and improve their social skills… what do you do?


Do you guide them through all of those goals at once? 


OR, do you work together on one goal at a time and use your unique methods and strategies to accomplish each one?


The answer seems pretty clear to me.

Online Businesses Are The Same As Relationships...

It takes years and years to build a relationship in a way that’s healthy, growing, and long-lasting.


Building your business is the same.


Trying to grow every aspect of your business when you’re just starting out is like talking about marriage on your first date – a great way to get crushed. 😅


What you need is a system that works:


  • You Need A Single Offer That Converts
  • You Need To Attract Your Ideal Audience
  • You Need A Way To Convert Your Leads


If you’ve got all that stuff down and, even more importantly, you’ve got a system to keep it all working smoothly, I guarantee you’re gonna have a thriving coaching business.

I Know This Because For The Past Two Years…

I've helped countless relationship coaches do exactly that.

Sometimes It Really Just Takes A Few Tweaks To The Funnel. 

I Need You To Know...

This is so much bigger than you.


You are not merely guiding couples or individuals. You are healing the core of human connection, one conversation at a time. 


Your work transcends the bounds of ordinary coaching.


You are helping to build a world where every human understands the value of love and communication. Where each home resonates with understanding and mutual respect.


The problem is…


Something is holding you back.


Maybe it’s your discipline, your marketing, or your mindset.


Whatever it is, it’s keeping you stuck.

So If You’re Looking To Break Out Of The Slump In Your Business…

How Do You Even Tackle That?

When I first started out, I had no idea what I was doing.

  • 🚫 I didn’t know how to build a program
  • 🚫 I didn’t know how to build a website
  • 🚫 I didn’t know how to create valuable content
  • 🚫 I didn’t know how to grow an audience
  • 🚫 I didn’t know how to offer my services


…I had no business even running a business.


So I sought after much needed knowledge.

I Was Struck By Shiny Red Object Syndrome And Had No Direction

I invested in course after course, program after program, skill after skill…

NOTHING was clicking.

Imagine for a second…

You’re taking a nice walk out in nature when all of a sudden, your lungs fail out of nowhere. 

You make it to the ER, hanging on by a thread…

But all the doctor does is give you a first aid kit, an inhaler, and sends you home to fix it yourself.

THAT was how starting my business felt.

All these courses were no better than YouTube videos you could watch for free.

I didn’t need a quick-fix inhaler… I needed a surgeon.

I Decided Enough Was Enough,
And Did The Thing I Knew I Had To Do All Along:

I Went ALL IN And Dropped My Entire Savings On Business Coaching

I quit my jobs, bit the bullet, and fully invested my time and energy to make this work.


Everything started clicking when I met my mentor. He helped me identify constraints I didn’t even know I had, worked with me on one thing at a time, and then he did what I consider to be the most valuable thing that I could have possibly asked for:

He Helped Me Create (What I Now Call)

 The Brand Authority Funnel.

(I’ll explain later!)

Once I Began Putting It All Together In Practice…

It worked. And then it worked again. $15k in 2 months.

Then again.

And again.

All those courses and mentorships finally started paying off.

After seeing this winning system in action time and time again, I knew I had cracked the code…

...And Now I Want To Share It With You.



  A 6-month online mentorship program that will teach you everything you need to know to scale your business so you can become a highly-paid relationship coach.


Free Consultation

A few words from our awesome clients about what to expect.


Life & Relationship Coach


Niño joined the program and in 60 days was able to make a $100k/YR run rate. 


Divorce Coach



Marketing Agency Owner



PMU Trainer



Marriage Coach


Jake joined the program with just a few clients through word of mouth, and has now been able to cultivate 7 clients through online in just 1 month of joining, and after 1 day of getting his VSL live he DM closed a client. 


SAAS Founder



Sales Coach



PMU Trainer


Flora Ong

Dating Coach


Flora joined the program making inconsistent $3k months, she’s been able to consistently increase her income month by month. She has also raised her prices, and after a sales coach reviewed her call she was able to land a client the next day for $5k.


Wellness Coach


Meigan Canfield

Marketing Agency Owner


If You're Set To Find Out What This No-Brainer Investment Is All About... ✔️

Do Me A Solid:

On This Call, I Will Work With You To…

Build A Personalized Roadmap Based On Where You’re At​

Fear not, this isn’t a sales pitch.

You won’t be pressured into joining the program.

You might not even be offered a spot – there’s a ton of people who want it more than you.

This meeting is for 2 things:

#1 To learn about you, your goals, and see if and how I can help you.

#2 Mastermind and build a custom tailored roadmap for you to accomplish your business goals, with or without me.

If it seems like I can actually help you, you’re financially fit to invest in yourself, and you’re dedicated to seeing your business take off this year, only then will you and I start talking about Elite Ascension.

If not, value nonetheless!

You can take away your personalized roadmap and begin putting it into action right after we hang up.

BUT! If...


Is Something You’re Really Interested In…

I need to know that you’re all in.


That you’re willing to put in the work to turn your business into the life changing service it’s destined to be.


That you’re ready to bring more light into this world through yourself and your business.


Does that sound like you?


iOS 16.4   If so… iOS 16.4 

The Clock Is Ticking…

Due to the amount of calls that are being booked every day,


And the valuable time I spend with my clients,


There are only a handful of seats I can offer for the free strategy sessions.


So if you can’t afford to wait another month to fulfill your dream…


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$100k / YR RUN RATE IN 60 DAYS