Who Is Emily Fisher?

After graduating with my bachelors in Marketing, I knew my passion lied in creating strategic plans for businesses to grow. The school education left me defeated with nothing to show, so I went out and invested over $20k into masterminds, courses, mentorships to gain the knowledge required to build my own marketing agency in my first year of business. 

During those late nights at my 9-5 job and in college, I always held onto a deep sense of self-trust that I could accomplish anything I set my mind to. I knew that the right opportunity was waiting for me, like the perfect vehicle to drive my ambitions forward.

A burning desire to make a positive change in the world fueled my every move, no matter how small it may seem. Now, through this business, I have the power to create an impact on people’s lives, free from the constraints of vacation time or the size of my paycheck.

At my core, I crave freedom — the kind that encompasses time, location, and financial independence. It is truly the greatest blessing I have received. 🌎

And it’s this very blessing that drives me to work alongside my team and clients, helping them achieve their own version of freedom. We continuously push the boundaries of what we can achieve, always striving to reach new heights. ⚡️

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